The Town of Trinity is strategically located in Morgan County, Alabama and is included in Decatur Metropolitan Area. Come pay us a visit to find out why life is, indeed, so great in the Town of Trinity! You will find a town populated with genuinely kind and caring individuals who are committed to working hard to develop our local resources to provide opportunities beneficial to us while at the same time remaining a traditional small town with Southern charisma and hospitality.

Along with Trinity’s rich history and bountiful surroundings. Trinity was involved in the forming of our country as we know it and was involved in the Civil War. The first recorded combat took place July 24th of 1862 followed by a large battle the following day which included the neighboring City of Courtland. On August 22nd, 1862 another skirmish took place between the 7th Illinois Cavalry, under the command of S. F. Lee and Roddey’s Rebel Cavalry. When the battle was done, many men were killed or wounded and many prisoners taken.