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Update on Water Improvements


To all Trinity Water Department customers.  July 10th we will be switching our water supply back to Decatur Utilities.  We have been supplied by West Morgan East Lawrence Water & Sewer during the refurbishing of our water tank, a project that is now completed.  The new booster pump station should be completed and in service by the end of August.  Please be patient with lower pressure temporarily as we continue to improve our water system.

Another project that will be taking place, is the installation of the new radio read water meters.  The new meters arrived on Wednesday and contractors will start installing these meters.  This project is scheduled to be completed in just a few weeks.




Water Improvements

The Town Council has diligently been working on several projects concerning the water system.  From the water pressure on top of Trinity Mountain, replacing water meters throughout the town, and repainting the water tank.  We will have a lot of activities going with these projects and should have them completed over the next few months.

The first of these projects will be to replace the water meters in town.  This is something the council has wanted to do for years.  The new meters will be state of the art ultrasonic radio read meters that will be able to measure more accurately the flow of water, store daily usage in the meter’s memory for 460 days and monthly data stored for 36 months, it has smart alarms for leak, burst, dry, tamper, and reverse flow.  It will allow the water department to read meters in a matter of hours instead of days, and to be more accurate and efficient.  UWS Contractors has won the low bid for the installation of the new ultrasonic meters and should begin this in the next week or so.

The second project on the list is to install a new pump station by the water tank.  This should correct the pressure problems on top of Trinity Mountain.  Goldman Contractors won the low bid, and will begin work in the next couple of weeks.

The third project is to have the water tank repainted.  Robinson & Sons Construction Services, Inc. has begun this project.




West Morgan-East Lawrence Water and Sewer Authority June 24th Press Release

WMELWSA has recently been mixing its processed water with water provided by another system in order to come up with a temporary solution to the PFC pollution problem.  We have been removed from the Alabama Public Health Department health advisory list through this temporary solution.  We are pleased the initial temporary plan is working.  Once our charcoal purification system is operational in September of this year, we hope to have a more reliable and locally operated means to provide water to all of our customers.  Ultimately, the PFOS and PFOA problem must be addressed through implementation of a permanent RO system that will take over three years to construct.  In the meantime, WMELWSA will continue to work to make its water meet standards and health advisories established by the State of Alabama and the EPA.



June 14, 2016

There was a press release from West Morgan East Lawrence Water & Sewer Authority today.


“The most recent set of samples we tested were collected at our water plant.  The test results indicate non-detectable levels of PFOS and 25 parts of PFOA.  Each individual result was below the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) health advisory guideline of 70, and the combined results of 25 parts is below the EPA’s combined advisory guideline of 70.”


The above is just part of the release.  Copies can be emailed or picked up at town hall.



June 13, 2016

The Town of Trinity is now receiving about 90% of our water resources from Decatur Utilities.  If you do not have water please contact the water department at 256-353-2071.


The Town of Trinity does purchase their water source from West Morgan East Lawrence Water and Sewer Authority


At this time ADEM nor the Alabama Department of Public Health have contacted the Town of Trinity to say not to drink the water the only release they have was on May 19, 2016 stating that EPA’s health advisories recommend that pregnant, breast-feeding mothers and infant formula fed infants should consider using another source of drinking water.  You can find this release at under News Release May 19, 2016


Also the Governor released a statement on the water announcement

“As Governor, I take water quality issues very seriously,  I understand the concerns that have been raised.  We have highly-qualified state-level response agencies that continually monitor water quality and the impact to public health, and these agencies are working to assess the issue.  In addition, my office has reached out directly to the West Morgan East Lawrence Authority, and we will be looking into the matter further.  I encourage all impacted residents to continue to follow the Public Health Advisory that has not changed.”


The Public Health Advisory can be found at