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Fire Chief Bill Pettey

bill_newDo you know when the Trinity Fire Department was established?  Do you know who was the first Fire Chief?  Or do you know who was the Mayor at the time?  You may be thinking, “why do I care?”  You should because these men changed Trinity that day, they made it a safer place for you and your family.


That day was Saturday September 14, 1968, when Trinity’s first fire truck pulled into Town!  In an article from September 15, 1968 in The Decatur Daily someone said “we should’ve sold tickets”, and “Yes, sir, it’s a big day in Trinity”,  “A big day!”  The Town council made a decision eight months earlier to start organizing the fire department.  In that time they ordered the fire truck and built Trinity’s first fire station.  The cost of the first station was $4,000.00 and the 1968 Chevrolet fully equipped fire truck was $14,000.00.


On that day in September eighteen men signed up to be Trinity’s first volunteer firefighters.  Out of those eighteen, two are still active members.  Bill Pettey who has been Chief since 1970 and William Lee.  Trinity Fire Department has really changed since the day that Clay (Snooky) Kimbrell was first acting Fire Chief and Dovell Haley was Mayor.


fireToday, Trinity Fire Department has 23 active members that include:  State Certified Firefighter, Certified First Responder, and State Licensed E.M.T’s.  Trinity has Swift Water Rescue Tech, Dive Team, and special training in rope rescue.  We were one of the first in Morgan County to have a Hurst Tool (auto extraction) and the first to have their own burn training building and rappelling tower.  We now have two fire stations with four fire engines, two brush trucks, one rescue truck, a command trailer for large incidents, a fire Gator for rough terrain that is also used for ballgames and special events, and a cascade air trailer.  We have come a long way in 40 years.


Did you know you could volunteer?  The only thing you need is the ability to work well with others under pressure and have a very big volunteer heart!  If you would like more information on how you could volunteer your time call 256-353-7060.


Pictured above is the new 2014 International 4400 Rescue Truck with Council Member Gordon Burden, Mayor Vaughn Goodwin, Fire Chief Bill Pettey, Councilmember Richard Fortson Jr., and Councilmember Chris Lemley.

Emergency Services




Everyone is required to sign in.


There is no smoking inside the shelter.


We are not responsible for any personal belongings brought to the shelter.  Please take all your belongings with you when you leave.


No pets are allowed in the shelter except service animals for those with disabilities.


Parents/Guardians are responsible for controlling the actions of their children.  Do not leave children unattended.


Notify the Shelter Manager of any medication being taken or medical conditions that might exist.  If you become ill while in the shelter, notify the Shelter Manager.


You are not allowed to possess or use alcohol or illegal drugs in the shelter.  No weapons are allowed in the shelter with the exception of law enforcement or security staff.


No littering inside or outside the shelter.  Please help us keep the shelter clean.


Please direct all comments about the shelter operations to the Mayor or Town Council.