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Town Services

The Town of Trinity provides the citizens with the following services

Mosquito Spraying – is done once a week on Wednesday evenings unless there is an additional need.

Yard Debris pick-up – is done once a week, starting on Monday, items for pick up is bagged grass or leaves and limbs less than 5 foot in length.  Do not place items close to power lines or trees.

Recycling Trailer – is located at 35 Preston Drive and available for citizens to recycle items.  Refer to Recycle Checklist for qualified items.


Recycling Checklist


Recycle all newspapers and inserts.


Recycle all magazines printed on slick, glossy paper.  Please remove all paper or plastic wrapping from your magazine.

Office Paper & Bulk Mail

Recycle all letters, envelopes, flyers, brochures, bulk mail, computer paper, school paper and construction paper

Paperboard Boxes

Flatten and place in recycling bin all paperboard boxes such as cereal, shoe, cracker, snack, rice, and cake mix boxes.


Aluminum and steel cans including empty aerosol cans are acceptable.  Please rinse and crush cans.  Do not leave liquids in cans.  Empty aerosol cans that have contained household products such as shaving cream, hair spray, or air freshner are acceptable.  Please remove lids.

Plastic Bottles

Please recycle all narrow-neck plastic bottles that have a 1 or 2 on the bottom, such as milk jugs, soft drink bottles, laundry products and shampoo.  Rinse and remove lids and pumps.  Containers may be crushed to conserve space.

Not Acceptable

Wet newspapers, any type of directory or publication printed on newsprint or other dull paper, such as comic books, paper bags, wrapping paper, hard bound books, waxed paper, plastic wrap, or packaging inside or outside of box is not taken, aerosol cans that are not empty or that have contained pesticides, herbicide, or paint, scrap metal, paint cans, automotive product cans, aluminum foil, disposable aluminum plates or pie tins, wide mouth plastic containers such as yogurt and margarine tubs.

Tax and Revenue Department

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